2020 Presidential Primary Results

The votes are in! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Final Tally: 73 votes
Dario Hunter: 7
David Rolde: 0
Howie Hawkins: 51
No Nominee: 0
Uncommitted: 0
Write-In: 15
--Jesse Ventura: 15

*See below for details on ballot validation and  delegate allocation.

Youth Caucus’s 2020 Presidential Primary: Tabulation & Results

Validation of Ballots

Total submissions within the timeframe: 89
As noted on the ballot, your first ballot will be counted if submitted before 12:00am Pacific on May 20, 2020 or after 11:59pm Pacific on May 24, 2020.

State party membership
As stated on the ballot, by submitting the ballot, all voters indicated that they are members of their state party, where relevant:

“--By completing this ballot, you are affirming that you are also member of your state Green Party.”

Duplicate ballots: 6
As noted on the ballot, only your first ballot will be counted:

“If you submit two ballots, only your first ballot will be counted. Please be intentional and double-check your ballot before submitting it.”

Age ineligible: 1
As noted in the by-law 2.1 (and on the ballot):

2.1 Membership in the GPUS Youth Caucus… are at least fourteen years of age, and no older than thirty-six and one day (having joined before or on their thirty-fifth birthday), and have met the yearly dues requirement.

2.2 The maximum age for new members to join the GPUS Youth Caucus is thirty-five and no days. Members in good standing who have been involved in the GPUS Youth Caucus for at least one year (having joined before on or before their thirty-fifth birthday) may retain their membership through their thirty-sixth year of age, but may not be considered a member beyond that.

Dues ineligible: 9
Dues are required as noted on the ballot and in the by-laws.

2.5 Individual membership is dues-based, set at a minimum of $10 per year. This process shall be directed and tracked by the Youth Caucus Treasurer in coordination with the GPUS Treasurer, as needed….

Voters who indicated that they have not yet paid their dues were re-directed to the dues page at yesgp.org/dues, which further indicates:

“If you are under 35, you can become a voting member of the caucus for $10 annually… You can also satisfy your annual dues by becoming a monthly sustaining donor of $2 or more!”

Total Valid Ballots = 73 ballots


Tabulation of Ballots

As stated on the ballot and beforehand on yesgp.org/2020:
--Per our by-laws, our 4 delegates will be allocated proportionally. They will allocated by a formula decided and approved by the caucus Steering Committee before voting began.

This formula is the same formula that the Youth Caucus, as validated by our election archives, has utilized for all caucus elections to distribute seats since 2016. In this instance, seats are PNC delegates.

Threshold calculation:
73 votes/(4 delegates + 1) + 1 = 73/5 + 1 = 14.6 + 1 = 15.6 votes needed
Threshold: 16 votes needed
Candidates must meet the vote threshold for one delegate to be allocated any delegates.

Round 1 Allocation:
Dario Hunter: 7 votes → 0 delegates
David Rolde: 0 votes → 0 delegates
Howie Hawkins: 51 votes → 3 delegates
No Nominee: 0 votes → 0 delegates
Uncommitted: 0 votes → 0 delegates
Write-In: 15 votes
--Write-In: Jesse Ventura: 15 votes  → 0 delegates

Overflow Allocation:
Hawkins: 51 votes  - 48 [16 threshold * 3] = 3 vote overflow

Final Delegate Count:
Hawkins → 4 delegates


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