Biden is not going to change his stance on Gaza

On May 8th, Joe Biden pledged he would cut off weapon transfers to Israel if they invaded Rafah.  The very next day, the IDF bombarded Rafah.  Did Biden keep his word?  No,  instead he said he will send $1 billion worth of weapons to Israel.

Time and time again, Netanyahu has shown he does not want to end the carnage.  He and his colleagues have denied hostage deals, peace talks, and even negotiation despite offers from mediators.  Members of Netanyahu’s administration have joined far-right marches lending their voices to calls for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Gaza.  Despite all of this evidence, despite the gruesome exterminationist language Israeli officials have uttered during this genocide, Joe Biden will still give them money.  Rewarding and enabling their crimes against humanity.

Even though Biden is sinking in polls, falling behind Trump in five key states, it’s clear where his priorities lie.  He doesn’t care that Trump is openly promising dictatorship. He does not care about stopping that. He cares more about upholding despotism abroad than defending democracy at home.  It’s time to start looking for more options.  And also organize to help anti-PAC and pro-ceasefire candidates.


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