Chapter Organizing

The Youth of our nation are the future of our nation.

The Young Greens are helping to build a stronger Green Party that is committed to economic, environmental and racial justice for the United States and beyond. Campus organizing is needed to spread that message. By starting a Young Greens campus chapter, organizing and engaging in direct actions in person and online, dialoguing with other college groups who have overlapping interests, you can get the word out to other students and youth.

If you haven't yet already, register to become a member of the Young Greens. 


Steps to Organize A Young Greens Chapter

1. Recruit and Register

Fill out the initial campus chapter application online!

2. Get Campus Recognition and Funding

There are benefits to being an official student organization including use of campus spaces, bulletins, and often student activities funding. Official campus recognition may also allow you to participate in student activities fairs and give you great ability to post flyers and have events on campus. It also signals that your group is here to stay to build the revolution even after Election Day. Because campuses often recognize clubs for political parties but not candidates, you should title your group [Your Campus Name] Young Greens chapter.

You can often find information on how to become an official campus group on the student activities page of your school. Sometimes they may require documents like By-Laws or Constitution. Even if not, it can be a good idea to have a basis for how your group functions, especially as it expands way beyond 3 persons! You can use our Example Young Greens Chapter By-laws and Example Young Greens Chapter Consitution and simply plug in the name of your school. If you receive official recognition by your school or have questions on Constition/By-Laws, email to let the Green Party’s Youth Caucus know!

3. Connect with Other Young Greens on Social Media

It can be helpful to see what other Young Greens are doing nationwide. Check out our Facebook PageFacebook Group, and Twitter. You also want to connect with your state and local Green parties.


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