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Archive of Previous Caucus-wide Elections Information:

February 23 - YES SC Elections

We would like to thank all those who stepped up to run once again, and we wish our new Steering Committee members nothing but the best in the year ahead. They will be joining our current Steering Committee, Co-Chair Aléjandro Ortega-Morales (they/them, TX), Outreach Committee Chair Shannel Pittman (she/they, CA), National Committee Delegate Austin Bashore (he/him, OH), and National Alternate Delegate: Elizabeth Freeman (she/her, AK).
The new YES-GP Steering Committee members are as follows:
Co-Chair: Cassiday Moriarity, (she/her, IN)
Education & Member Support Committee (EduCom) Chair: Justin Schoville, (he/him, VT)
Finance Committee (FinCom) Chair: Samuel Chance. (he/him, WI)
Media Committee (MediaCom) Chair: Emerson Lee, (he/him, IL)
National Committee Delegate: Riley Mahon, (he/him, PA)

All of these candidates will serve a one year term until the February 2024 elections!
Special Elections occurred to last until Feb 23 elections
Mediacom - Will Sytsma
Aug 22 - YES SC Mid Year Election
National Committee Delegate (6 month) - Riley Mahon
National Committee Delegate (12 month) - Austin Bashore
Alt delagete (1 year) - Elizabeth Freeman
Cochair (6 month) - Jay Walker
Cochair (12 month) - Aléjandro Ortega-Morales
Fincom (6 month) - Cassiday Moriarity 
Mediacom (6 month) - 
Accredcom (1 year) - Shannel Pitman
Educom (6 month) - 
Special Elections
Feb 25, 2022- resignation of spencer berg

October 21 - YES Mid Year Elections

February 21 - YES SC Elections


May 20 - YES Elections
Results: https://www.yesgp.org/may20_elections
Nomination Questionnaires: https://www.yesgp.org/candidates_may20

May 20 - Presidential Primary
Process: www.yesgp.org/2020
Delegate Nomination: www.yesgp.org/2020_delegate
Primary Ballot: www.yesgp.org/2020_ballot
Primary Results: www.yesgp.org/2020_results

May 20 - Officers
Process & Results: www.yesgp.org/may20_elections
Candidates: www.yesgp.org/candidates_may20
Ballot: wwwyesgp.org/ballot_may20

February 19 - Officers

October 18 - Officers
Preston Thacker (Co-Chair), Scott Cove (Co-Chair), Shannel Pittman (Outreach), Erik Rydberg (Media), Jay Walker (Alt Delegate), Austin Bashore (Alt Delegate)

May 18 - ByLaws
Process: www.ygus.org/may18_election

February 18 - Officers

Candidate Statements: www.ygus.org/candidates_feb18
Process: www.ygus.org/ballot_feb18
Results: www.ygus.org/results_feb18

January 18 - ByLaws
Process: www.ygus.org/january_2018_bylaws_referendum
Results: www.ygus.org/jan18election

August 17 - Officers & ByLaws
Process: www.ygus.org/elections_august2017
Results: www.ygus.org/august17election

April 17 - Officers
Process: http://www.ygus.org/sc_elections_april_2017
Candidate Statements: www.ygus.org/candidates_april2017
Results: http://www.ygus.org/new_steering_committee_officers_elected

February 17 - ByLaws
Process: http://www.ygus.org/by_laws_vote
Results: http://www.ygus.org/new_by_laws

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August 16 - Officers, Vacancy Election
Results: www.ygus.org/aug16_election

February 16 - Presidential Primary
Ballos: www.ygus.org/2016_primary_ballots
Results: http://www.ygus.org/results_of_youth_caucus_presidential_vote_primary_results

February 16 - Proposal 835 Endorsement
Ballots: www.ygus.org/835_vote_ballots
Results: www.ygus.org/youth_caucus_overwhelmingly_endorses_anticapitalist_amendment

January 16 - Officers
Process: www.ygus.org/jan_16_elections
Ballots: www.ygus.org/jan_16_ballots
Results: www.ygus.org/jan16_results


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