Jan 16 Elections

The Youth Caucus is looking for Young Greens to take on leadership responsibility and to serve on the Young Greens Youth Caucus Steering Committee. Applications and nominations are now being accepted until January 15 via the Young Greens website. And we need your help to spread the word to your networks and encourage Young Greens in your networks to JOIN the Youth Caucus.

You can read about the responsibilities of the Youth Caucus and the description of Steering Committee positions in the Young Greens bylaws.

The purpose of the GPUS Youth Caucus is to:
  • Educate youth about Green politics and recruit more youth to the Green Party
  • Give youth Greens a voice within the GPUS
  • Provide educational and organizational resources for Campus Greens and Young Greens groups
  • Provide resources to caucus members to allow greater youth representation at Green Party related events

Please consider serving on the Steering Committee if you want to use your skills to help Young Greens organize in their communities and campuses to get more YOUNG VOTERS active in the Green Party!

We need your passion and skills to build the Young Greens capacity to organizing for radical political change with the Green Party! If you have time and energy for the Steering Committee, please visit the Young Greens website

Please keep on eye on Young Greens Youth Caucus emails for information about an elections after the nomination period ends on January 15.

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