Youth Caucus SC Condemns Attacks By MN Delegate

The Youth Caucus Steering Committee unanimously endorsed the following statement for the GPUS National Committee.

Dear National Committee delegates,

The GPUS Youth Caucus condemns the ad hominem attack towards Caucus leaders by Dee Murphy, National Committee Delegate of Minnesota and candidate for the GPUS Steering Committee, unjustifiably equating GPUS youth to the “Hitler Youth” in a comment on a Facebook post.

Dee’s comment can be seen here.

It is particularly insulting to the leadership of the Youth Caucus, who have worked adamantly in anti-oppression initiatives, to be synonomized with the youth of an oppressive far-right political organization. The Youth Caucus has independently funded outreach and solidarity efforts to anti-oppression organizations, is running the only leftist political education program in the Party, and is a key organizer in co-sponsoring the GPUS Justice and Liberation for Palestine educational series.

Dee Murphy’s remarks are not only an irrational offense to the Youth Caucus as a whole, but also evidence of inappropriate and slanderous behavior towards individuals in the Caucus that affirms she is unfit to serve on the National Committee, nor the GPUS Steering Committee.

Consequentially, the Youth Caucus leadership calls for Dee Murphy’s resignation from the National Committee. If she refuses to do so, the Green Party of Minnesota should consider taking action to recall her.


GPUS Youth Caucus Steering Committee

Mish Chavez, Co-Chair
Alison Bittick, Co-Chair
Jacob Falzone, Education Chair
Kat Myers, Finance Chair
Brian Tholl, Media Chair
Brendan Phillips, Outreach Chair
Natalia Schuurman, National Delegate
Michael Dennis, National Delegate
Zack Looney, National Alternate Delegate




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