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Annie for Denver Interview


Young Ecosocialists Media Committee Chair Erik Rydberg interviews Annie Martinez, candidate for Denver City Council.

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Winter 2019 Election Nominees

Below you will find information on the Nominees for the Young Ecosocialists Steering Committee. 

The nominations for the position of Finance Committee Chair will remain open through the Discussion Period, as no nominees filed during the nomination period. 

Please visit the following link for descriptions of the positions: http://www.yesgp.org/electionsfeb2019

Please visit the following link to self-nominate: http://www.yesgp.org/nominations_feb_2019

The discussion period will run from February 16, 2019 through February 20, 2019.  Caucus members will be emailed their ballots for voting, which will begin on February 21, 2019 and run through February 28, 2019. 

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Young Ecosocialists Winter 2019 Elections

Do you want to help the Youth Caucus empower and motivate young organizers, candidates, and activists? Do you want to see the Green Party more fully embrace its ecosocialist values? Do you want to help guide the caucus into the new era of the “Young Ecosocialists”?

If you answered YES to any of these, then please consider a run for the Young Ecosocialists Steering Committee. We are in need of visionary and creative young leaders to lead us through 2019. 

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Hands Off Venezuela! Resources

The Young Ecosocialists decry the ongoing coup in Venezuela being orchestrated by the United States government and its allies.  This attack on Venezuela and it's people is an affront to democracy and a blatant act of imperialism and white supremacist foreign policy.

In order to better inform our members on the issue, we have compiled a list of resources that we consider to have important insight on this crisis. 


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Get Involved!

The Young Ecosocialists recently held an involvement fair for caucus members.  The recording of that call will be available soon, but here are some priority tasks that we are looking for right now.  More info on each task below.  If you are interested, email us at [email protected] with the desired position in the Subject line.

Media Committee

Social Media Scheduler

Live Streamers/Interviewers

Finance Committee

Fundraising Copy Writer

Finance/Media Liaison

Finance/Outreach Liaison

Outreach Committee

Movement Liaisons

Campus Chapter Coordinator

State Liaisons

Education Committee

Organizer Call Booker

Education Program Promoter

Resource Curator

Materials Working Group

Art Director

Graphic Designers

Video Editors

Web Master Working Group

Web Master

Web Designer

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February 2018 Elections

Thanks to all caucus members who ran and voted in our recent elections.
Congratulations to Mish Chavez (Co-Chair), Brian Tholl (Media Chair), Kat Myers (Finance Chair), Jacob Falzone (Education Chair), Natalia Schuurman (National Delegate), & Zack Looney (National Alternate).

Below you can see the vote totals, calculations, and those who were elected. 
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Job Board

The Youth Caucus SC is excited to announce the creation of a caucus "Job Board." 

Found on our internal organizing software, Basecamp, it lists over 30 specific positions we are looking to be filled. And already 5 have been filled within a few days! Jobs range from support with electoral campaigns to text banking outreach for our education calls, putting together a list of radical resources fo Young Ecosocialists to writing fundraising emails. 

To check out the job board, hop on Basecamp.

If you aren't on Basecamp, pay your caucus dues here and we will add you!

By-Laws Election Results

The Youth Caucus recently held a caucus-wide by-laws vote on two proposals. 

The caucus agreed to restructure the Steering Committee around standing committees --  including Media, Finance, Outreach, and Education. 

The caucus also agreed to change it's national name from Young Greens to Young Ecosocialists and will work towards implementing this in the coming months. The official name still remains the "Youth Caucus."

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New Steering Committee Officers Elected 08/17

Please join us in extending our congratulations to those who were recently elected: 

Alison Bittick, co-chair

Brendan Phillips, co-chair

Aadam Hammond, co-chair

Eric Graf, co-chair

Steph Wild, treasurer

Tahirih Osborne, delegate

Michael Dennis, delegate

Check out their bios at ygus.org/steeringcommittee

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New Steering Committee Officers Elected

Please join us in extending our congratulations to those who were recently elected: 

Jacob Falzone, co-chair
Mary Jane Oviatt, co-chair
Brian Tholl, co-chair
Damian Gonzales, secretary
Zack Looney, alternate delegate

Check out their bios at ygus.org/steeringcommittee

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