Results of Youth Caucus Presidential Vote Primary Results

Official Vote Results from Youth Caucus Presidential Primary Vote:
88 ballots cast.
16 ineligible (not registered with Youth Caucus)
72 counting ballots
Jill Stein: 66 votes. ~92%
Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasixfza Curry: 2 votes, ~3%
Kent Mesplay: 2 votes, ~3%
Bill Kreml: 1 vote, ~1%
No Preference (Results in Unaffiliated Delegates): 1 vote, ~1%
Darryl Cherney: 0 votes.
Through proportional allocation, Jill Stein receives both (2) Youth Caucus delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention in Houston, TX.
Thanks to ALL the candidates for their work in building the Green Party, and especially to those who responded to our Youth Caucus questionnaire.
Additionally, with 16 ballots cast for Jill Stein from members who were not registered for the Youth Caucus, the Young Greens Steering Committee will be working with the Stein campaign moving forward to ensure that her youth supporters are integrated and welcomed into our GPUS caucus.
We welcome continued collaboration with all Green candidates at national, state, and local levels as well as with Green Party elders who wish to help support the Young Greens movement. Young Greens are rising: all hands on deck.
Mike Dennis, Alternate Delegate
on behalf of Youth Caucus Steering Committee


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