Membership Dues Set at $10

Based on feedback from Young Greens organizers across the country and looking at student union dues models elsewhere in North America, the Youth Caucus Steering Committee has set the annual dues at $10. For many of those on college campuses, you can think of it as $5 a semester. Several of our campus chapters have already indicated that they will collectively raise this money for their campus members.

Dues is a model used in unions (including student unions) and elsewhere on the Left to encourage member investment in an organization and a funding model separate from corporate or PAC donors.

As a reminder, the Young Greens by-laws mandates both individual dues and chapter dues. Currently, the $10 annual membership is implemented as the individual dues model. The Steering Committee is currently holding off until more aspects of our national campus program are in place to re-visit the mandated chapter dues model--especially looking at and taking into account the extreme variety of funding levels that political groups get from the campuses.

Everyone meeting our membership requirements are permitted to partake in caucus activities and discussions and encouraged to help with caucus work. Dues allows members to partake in votes such as caucus elections and other votes the steering committee puts before the entire caucus like by-laws changes.

As we implement this dues model, the Steering Committee re-visit if we will begin to apply this membership requirement before our August elections, with hopes that the program will be up and running by then. You can contribute your $10 annual dues (or $5 bi-annual) at


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