YES Stands with Gaza College Encampments

The Young EcoSocialists of the Green Party of the United States (YES) supports Gaza encampments spontaneously forming at universities around the country.  We also condemn politicians and campus officials attempting to break up peaceful protesters exercising their first amendment rights. 

Students and the youth are always at the forefront of progressive cultural change and the foundation of social movements. Their expression and energy should be encouraged and supported, particularly when it is on the correct side of a great injustice.

However, politicians from both capitalist parties are fueling the fire of the genocide in Gaza, and spitting in the faces of these brave student activists.  We also condemn the brutal over-policing of these colleges.  These college administrators don’t want to keep students safe, but instead punish them for freedom of expression.

Capitalist politicians also weaponize charges of anti-semitism against these students. They proclaim any criticism of Zionism is anti-semitism. YES condemns this because it equates Zionism with Judaism - a harmful stereotype - and erases demands of Jewish protesters.

Despite this, we must encourage these fellow students.  They have already made achievements at Evergreen State College.  Which is the first university to now fully divest from Israel.  Let’s hope for more achievements like these along the way!


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