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YES becomes a Supporting Organization of the Black Alliance for Peace

Yes Endorses Embassy Protection Collective


The World is Being Murdered

Why Sex Work is -WORK- and should be legalized

Remembering Marsha P. Johnson

As she continued her road of self discovery and became known for being an eccentric woman with unique hats, she eventually decided to settle on a new name. Marsha P. Johnson was born in the middle of disputes with police, with a career and a passion for being herself. Whenever anybody asked what the P. in her name meant or dared to question her sexuality, Marsha would contest with the phrase “Pay it no mind”. A phrase which would help determine herself and would become a major part of how people would remember her.

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Solidarity Fund: Socialists Supporting Socialists

In June of 2020, the YES Steering Committee voted to approve a "Solidarity Fund" with the purpose of supporting new members who cannot afford dues at this time.

Members and non-members can contribute.

Funds will be used on a rolling basis in $10 increments to cover one year of dues for new members.

This option will be offered to new members upon joining and onboarding with the Accreditation/Outreach committee.

The member will be expected to contact either the Accreditation/Outreach Chair or the Finance Chair if this situation applies to them.

Wheeler Vs. Portland

Tennessee Continued Attacks Against Education

Author Silas Lee explores the racist and sexist past of Tennessee and it's continued impact on the education system today. 


Tennessee has and continues to have issues on the education front, now they've decided to add even more. May 5th 2021 the Tennessee state Senate voted 25-7 to pass a bill banning teaching critical race theory as well as being able to refuse funding to schools and teachers that demonstrate genuine issues in America and American history. Issues such as sexism, racism, effects of white supremacy, and bias are expected to not be taught in Tennessee anymore. Tennessee governor Bill Lee has signed this bill into law as of May 25th, 2021.

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GPUS YES Signs onto Hands Off Haiti Campaign

YES officially signed on to the Hands Off Haiti Campaign on February 26, 2021.
Special Thanks to Shannel Pittman for bringing this to YES.

The FACT SHEET is particularly useful in understanding this situation. 

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