Ballot for April 2017 Elections

The elections for YGUS Steering Committee will be conducted by an email ballot.

Below, find the ballot. Simply copy and paste the text, fill out your information and your vote rankings, and email your ballot to [email protected].

The voting period will take place from approximately 12:00am Eastern time on Monday, April 24th through 11:59pm Eastern time on Friday, April 28. This constitutes a 5-day voting period.

Each caucus member is permitted one vote. Caucus membership is defined in our caucus by-laws. (The dues requirement for voting membership has been waived for this election by the Steering Committee since the dues requirement is still in process of being implemented.)

For information about the candidates, please see

Again, copy and paste the ENTIRE TEXT below the line into an email, complete your ballot, and email it to [email protected]. Please put "Ballot" in the subject line. 

Ballot for April 2017 Youth Caucus Elections


We must receive the completed ballot before 11:59pm Eastern time on Friday, April 28 for it to count. We will also review to ensure you meet all membership requirements according to our by-laws.

For the three positions below, please rank your candidates with "1" being your most preferred candidates, "2" the second-most preferred candidate, etc. You can choose to rank all of your options, some of your options, or only 1 of your options.

Also, though there is a single write-in line provided below, please note that you can enter as many write-ins as you would like.

Once completed, email this entire text between the two horizontal lines to [email protected]. Please put "Ballot" in the subject line. 


Your Name (First and Last):

Your Email Address: 

Your Age:

Your City, State: 

Do you verify that you are an eligible member of the Green Party Youth Caucus.
Type Yes, No, or Other: 

(If Other, please explain so the Youth Caucus Steering Committee can look into this and help resolve if needed). 

(3 seats total. 2 seats full-term. 1 seat, a recent vacancy, through August elections. Lowest vote getter of top 3 will get the shorter term).

Preston Thacker: _____

Gerardo Hernandez: _____

Zak Vilschick: _____

Christian Sanchez-Bartz: _____

Lucas Stinson: _____

Shane Fry: _____

Elijah Manley: _____

Julia Scavicchio: _____

Jacob Falzone: _____

Jeremy M Twitchell: _____

Brian Tholl: _____

Mary Jane Oviatt: _____

Brennan Thale: _____

None of the Above: _____

Write-In (____enter write-in-name here_____): _____


(1 seat full-term)

Damian Gonzales: _____

None of the Above: _____

Write-In (____enter write-in-name here_____): _____


(1 seat full-term)

Zachary Hayes: ______

Andrew Noll: ______

Zachary Looney: _____

Bryan: _____

Eric Stephan Timothy Frame: _____

Rubi Avila: _____

Dallin Langford: _____

None of the Above: _____

Write-In (____enter write-in-name here_____): _____





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