2021 Steering Committee Elections

With the coming of new year there comes a time for new leadership within the Young Ecosocialist Caucus. We will be holding elections for our Steering Committee in February of 2021. Instructions to make nominations are at the bottom of this page.


  • Monday January 25: Nominations open - dues must be paid by candidates
  • Sunday, February 6 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time: Nominations close - all dues must be paid by this time
  • Monday, February 8: Voting opens
  • Monday, February 15 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time: Voting closes

Positions up for election

Co-Chair (Two seats): The co-chairs oversee the overall basic function of the caucus. Plan and organize regular SC calls. Communicate effectively with Committee Chairs and assure their committee functionality.  [1st place gets a 1 year term, 2nd place gets a 6 month term, though they may exchange if both consent]

You should consider being co-chair if you have experience doing any of: leading meetings, troubleshooting organizational issues, or developing and implementing processes.


Accreditation and Outreach Committee (AccCom) chair shall be responsible for the continual tracking of our membership and chapters, overseeing the integrity of the caucus archival structure–which includes documents, facilitating new member and chapter intake, and other duties as determined by the steering committee co-chairs. [6 month term]

You should consider running for this if you are familiar or comfortable with communicating with school administrators via email or phone when necessary, spoiler alert it will be absolutely necessary by your second month in office. The ideal candidate for this position is detail oriented and can manage around office style software (Spreadsheets, slideshows, and the rich text documents) pretty well. Most importantly the candidate has confidence in their ability to clarify the mission and work of this caucus in a way that is understandable and clear to prospective members and get them acclaimed into the communication systems used by the caucus. You will be leading the team that is the VERY first official interactions that prospective new Young Ecosocialist Greens have with the Caucus, you create the 2021 YES first impression!


Education & Member Support Committee (EduCom) chair shall be responsible for managing our organizer call series, conducting other forms of political education, and training members in critical skills such as facilitation or anti-oppression training. Create and provide YES training materials and member education programs. Create resource packs and other various educational materials. [1 year term]

You should run for this position if you enjoy organizing educational events and helping spread the messages of Ecosocialism and the Green values and platform.


Financial Committee Chair: Oversees YES treasury and finances. Tracks all dues-paying members and expiry. Sends regular reminders to those whose dues are expiring. Manages all fundraising and is creative with fundraising ideas. Constructs the annual budget and assures its adherence. [1 year term]

You should run for FinCom chair if you enjoy or have experience fundraising and managing a budget.


Media Committee (MediaCom) chair shall be responsible for writing press releases and managing the caucuses social media. An effort shall also be made to be made in assisting local chapters in getting their social media off of the ground. [1 year term]

You should run for MediaCom chair if you like social media, brainstorming engaging content, and helping platform the members of this caucus! 


National Committee Delegate (Two seats and alternate): Represents YES on the GPUS National Committee, the main decision making body of the GPUS. Researches, discusses, and votes on various proposals including platform amendments, Steering Committee elections, budget, and endorsements. Assures votes recorded represent the views and desires of YES membership. Works with other delegates to craft GPUS proposals and platform amendments. [1st place gets a 1 year term, 2nd place gets a 6 month term, 3rd place gets a 6 month term as an alternate delegate].

You should run as a national committee delegate if you feel comfortable advocating for this caucus and promoting our values, or if you have experience in similar roles.


How to participate

If you are a dues-paying member before February 8, when voting opens, you will receive an email with voting instructions.

If you are not a dues-paying member and would like to become one, you can pay your annual dues at https://www.yesgp.org/donate


To nominate yourself, please email [email protected] before 11:59pm Pacific on February 6, 2021 with the following information.




Position running for:

Are you a member of your state Green Party: Y/N

Are you a dues paying member of the Youth Caucus: Y/N

Please provide a 200 word bio for posting on our website when should you win your desired position.


To complete your self nomination answer these questions in as much detail as you see fit:

Why are you a member of the Green Party, and why did you join the Youth Caucus?

Which of the Green Party’s four pillars or Ten Key Values are you most passionate about?

What makes you perfect for your desired position? 

What ideas do you have to see your committee of focus reach its full potential?Realistically what is the level of time commitment you are able to offer to this position?

What role do you see for the Young Ecosocialist in the Party? How do you see this caucus shaping in the future of the Green Party?

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