Young Greens Steering Committee

Co-Chair, Cassiday Moriarity, she/her


Cassiday Moriarity was born and raised in small-town Indiana. Now living in Indianapolis, she chairs the local Circle City Greens chapter. Historically, she has held positions as vice chair and communications director for the Indiana Green Party.

Her work thus far had included rebuilding the Indiana Green Party's website, the Green Pages website, and working with the fundraising committee on NationBuilder to set the party up for success at all levels.


Co-Chair, Aléjandro Ortega-Morales, they/them

Alejandro Ortega-Morales is a resident of Houston, Texas. Alejandro’s day to day job is as a Bus Operator for First Transit, and also is the Press Secretary for the Delilah For Texas campaign. They’re also the Co-Chair of the Latinx Caucus, as well as the Co-Chair of Young EcoSocialists. Outside of Transit, Alejandro is very passionate about the environment. Alejandro currently studies at Lone Star College, where they major in Civil Engineering. In their free time, Alejandro works on his music, tends to his friends’ and family’s aquariums, nerds out about musicals, and works on forming a Transit Rider’s Union for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Harris County. Alejandro speaks English and Spanish, and is learning ASL.

Education Chair, Justin Schoville, 

Justin is an attorney practicing law in Vermont, where he manages his law firm like a worker cooperative.  Currently, he is working to re-establish the Vermont Green Party. Previously, he was a member of the Virginia and Maryland Green Parties.

Outreach Chair, Shannel Pittman, she/they

Shannel is a Los Angeles based activist whom before coming into the Green Party after the 2016 primary. A former state organizer Wolf-PAC in California, she prepared other volunteers to speak to their representatives and prepare for meetings and working with others to ensure that California Prop 59 (a resolution overturning Citizens United) was approved that year. Drawn to the work of tasked of the Outreach and Accreditation Committee because she’s detail oriented and sick of people falling through communication cracks, Shannel is committee to making sure everyone coming to our Caucus can find the place where the can strive. A National Committee forum manager and delegate for the Lavender Caucus , she also serves on the National Outreach, Diversity, and Presidential Campaign Support Committees. Outside of the Green Party work Shannel is a member of the Black Alliance for Peace, a member of the Los Angeles County’s Alternatives to Incarceration Working Group, among other things.

Shannel is a writer and theater nerd. Cartoons, obscure music, and novels are how she finds balance so as not lose functionality in this fight. Being a Disabled, Asexual-Panromantic, Muslimah would be exhausting without these outlets.

Media Chair, Emerson Lee


Finance Chair, Samuel Chance, (he/him)

Sam Chance resides in Madison, Wisconsin where he lives his passion wrangling wild spreadsheets. He's a jack of all trades for the Wisconsin Green Party, including State Co-Chair. On the National Committee, he represents WIGP as an alternate delegate and is a member of the Forum Management team. 

Sam enjoys spending cool days uninterrupted on his back porch with a stack of books/periodicals, and a bottomless mug of smoked tea. 

National Delegate, Austin Bashore, he/him

Austin Bashore is our representative for the state of Ohio. He is a 2019 graduate of Kent State University with two degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language. He also ran for state representative under the Greens in 2018 and has been a Green Party member since 2015.

He is the International Youth Delegate to the Global Young Greens, a member of the International Committee of the Green Party of the United States, as well as an international observer to the Green Party Korea.

National Delegate, Riley Mahon, he/him


Riley Mahon is a socialist actvist from Pittsburgh where he is an active member of the Green Party, DSA, and Sunrise. He served as the Vice Chair of the Green Party of Allegheny County in 2022 and ran as a Green for Upper St. Clair's school board in 2019 as a high school senior. In 2021 he worked as a co-chair of Connor Mulvaney's campaign to be the first Green on the Pittsburgh City Council. He has also been involved in efforts to create a police accountability board and in the successful movement to ban fracking in Allegheny County's parks.

National Alternate Delegate, Elizabeth Freeman, she/her

Elizabeth Freeman currently resides in Eagle River, Alaska where she works as an economic geologist in hard rock mining/exploration. In addition, she is currently pursuing her graduate degree at the University of Alaska Anchorage. When Elizabeth is not working, she engages in her local community by volunteering with STEM related outreach programs, and Big Brother Big Sister. Elizabeth became an active member of the Green Party around 2016, and campaigned for Jill Stein. In 2021, Elizabeth was voted an alternate delegate of YES and looks forward to fulfilling her new role. In her free time, you can find Elizabeth hiking, loving on her fur babies, reading current events/history, and traveling.


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