In addition to supporting your local Green Party and its candidates, your chapter will want to campaign and spread awareness on important issues.

One of the best ways to spread awareness about the Green Party is to table an event. One of the best days of the year to do this, although we recommend you table events very frequently, is on Earth Day! It is a great opportunity to let your community learn about the Green Party. Greens put people and planet first. We want nothing less than ending all fossil fuel extraction and converting to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030.

The key components to tabling an event involves three items:

  • Sign Up Sheet - You will want to ask for contact info so you can follow up with interested people!
  • Outreach Signs - You have to make your table visible!
  • Literature - Your state party and local candidates should have literature available to hand out!
    • Contact us if you need some
    • Consider creating your own


Additional Resources

Why The Green Party? - Asher Platts, Fmr. YGUS co-chair

Using The Ten Key Values - Cam Gorden, Minneapolis City Council

The Methods of Nonviolent Action - Gene Sharp


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