The Youth Caucus is allocated 4 delegates to the 2020 Green Party of the United States Presidential Nominating Convention.

The results and tabulations have been certified by the caucus Steering Committee.
The results and tabulations can be found in full at yesgp.org/2020_results.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

The YES Steering Committee will now proceed to select the 4 PNC delegates and report them to the GPUS Credentialing Committee.

Voting has now closed. As published on the ballot:

--Results will be published internally on our caucus Basecamp and externally on our caucus website including any tabulations required. The caucus Steering Committee will do this within 72 hours of the end of the voting period after calculating and approving the results. Please do not ask immediately after the vote for results; we will not reply.

Upon tabulation and approval by the YES SC. Results will be available on Basecamp and at yesgp.org/2020_results.

May 20 - May 24: Presidential Primary
Please read the ballot closely for details.
Only ballots submitted between Wednesday, May 20 @ 12am Pacific until Sunday, May 24 @ 11:59pm Pacific will be valid, counted ballots. 
ie. You may be able to see the ballot (linked below) beforehand or afterwards but only ballots submitted within the timeframe denoted on the ballot will be accepted.

Link to the ballot will be posted in the caucus Basecamp
You will also be able to find and submit the ballot linked here: www.yesgp.org/2020_ballot. [VOTING HAS CLOSED]

You must be a caucus member before the vote closes for your vote to count.
--Pay your dues at www.yesgp.org/dues
--Be a member of your state party at www.gp.org/state_parties (may require party registration, paying dues, and/or signing up).
--Be age eligible (at least 14 and under 35 -- unless you were a caucus member on your 35th birthday then under 36).

If you cannot see the embedded ballot form at the site above, you may need to disable privacy blockers. 

Check out our interviews with GPUS-recognized presidential candidates

Dario Hunter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeQ88mVskxY&app=desktop

David Rolde: Did not respond to outreach attempts

Howie Hawkins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UHEwkTV444&app=desktop

From the caucus by-laws:

8.5 Presidential Delegate Selection

8.5.1 Accredited caucuses of the GPUS are entitled to presidential delegates to represent the caucus at the nominating convention. The steering committee shall conduct a vote with options including but not limited to: all of the recognized GPUS presidential candidates, uncommitted, and no nominee. This vote may be conducted at a time chosen by the steering committee, but must be conducted within the timeframe that is required for the results to be valid for the convention.

8.5.2 Delegates should be allocated proportionately based on the outcome of the vote. Delegates shall not be bound beyond the first round of voting at the convention, and are not bound to vote for a particular vice presidential candidate.

Additional information:

- If you are a presidential candidate that becomes newly GPUS-recognized before May 20th at 12:00am Pacific Time, please email [email protected] so that, per our by-laws, we can add your name to the ballot. Currently, known GPUS-recognized candidates are Hawkins, Hunter, and Rolde. [Note: We have additionally checked with the GPUS PCSC who have confirmed that this is unlikely before our voting period, but in the remote chance that this happens, please email us].

- The Caucus Steering Committee has approved a "Write-In" option. This will be included alongside the options mandated by caucus by-laws.

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