Young Ecosocialists Winter 2019 Elections

Do you want to help the Youth Caucus empower and motivate young organizers, candidates, and activists? Do you want to see the Green Party more fully embrace its ecosocialist values? Do you want to help guide the caucus into the new era of the “Young Ecosocialists”?

If you answered YES to any of these, then please consider a run for the Young Ecosocialists Steering Committee. We are in need of visionary and creative young leaders to lead us through 2019. 

There are a number of positions to pick from. Find something that suits your skills and desires. We will be electing the following:

Co-chair (one year term): The co-chairs oversee the overall basic function of the caucus. Plan and organize regular SC calls. Communicate effectively with Committee Chairs and assure their committee functionality.  

Financial Committee Chair (one year term): Oversees YES treasury and finances. Tracks all dues-paying members and expiry. Sends regular reminders to those whose dues are expiring. Manages all fundraising and is creative with fundraising ideas. Constructs the annual budget and assures its adherence.

Educational Committee Chair (one year term): Oversee the overall functionality of the Educational Committee. Oversee organizer calls series bookings, facilitation, and management. Create and provide YES training materials and member education programs. Create resource packs and other various educational materials.

National Committee Delegate (Two seats. Highest vote total will receive a one year term, second will get a six month term): Represents YES on the GPUS National Committee, the main decision making body of the GPUS. Researches, discusses, and votes on various proposals including platform amendments, Steering Committee elections, budget, and endorsements. Assures votes recorded represent the views and desires of YES membership. Works with other delegates to craft GPUS proposals and platform amendments.

If you wish to nominate yourself, please submit the Self-Nomination Form and Candidate Questionnaire linked here:

Nominations will be open through February 15th at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Discussion will take place on Basecamp between 2/16 - 2/20. Voting will take place between 2/21 - 2/28 . When voting opens you will receive an e-mail with a link to vote.

Please consider nominating yourself and running for the YES Steering Committee! It’s a great opportunity to gain experience, make friends, and help empower other youth to do the same. YES needs you, and the GPUS needs you. Nominate today!!!

In solidarity,

Brendan Phillips

YES Finance Committee Chair

PS…. The Young EcoSocialists have put together a resource pack to help our members be informed about the ongoing situation in Venezuela. Please check out these resources, and better inform yourself about what is going on there right now.

We will also be hosting a YES Organizer Series call on Monday February 11th at 9:15 pm EST to talk about the situation in Venezuela. This will be an open forum forum discussion facilitated by Dakotah Lilly. Please join this call as we discuss what is happening in Venezuela, what it means to us, and what we can do.


To join the Meeting:

To join via phone :

1) Dial:


+1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free)

2) Enter Conference ID : 604701837


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